Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fri Flyt - 2 Stories

1) Skred, drugs & rock´n´roll (Erlend Sande) 22 November, 2009
In this story the Norwegian writer states Swiss-Canadian Pascal Haegeli from Canada, with the consulting firm Avisualanche is a "Swiss-American." American? How can that be when he has Swiss and Canadian citizenship? This is not correct. After consulting with Pascal Haegeli, he confirmed his citizenship is Swiss and Canadian. He lives in Canada, his firm is located in Canada, he comes from British Columbia - a province in Canada, yet his nationality is identified as Swiss and American. He is not an American citizen. The story talks about Canada, mentions the province of British Columbia, and he is also a director of the Canadian Avalanche Association, but yet, his nationality and citizenship is identified as American, not Canadian. The story was corrected two days later, and no response was received from Fri Flyt in Norway.
2) Nyheter fra bobilen (Hans Petter Hval) 17 January, 2010
The name of the Canadian event in the story is called the "Revelstoke Canadian Freeskiing Championships." The Norwegian story reports it as the "amerikanske frikjOringsserien i Revelstoke." American?? What country do the think Revelstoke is located in? First, Revelstoke is a Canadian location, and the name of the event being spoke about in the story is the "Canadian Freeskiing Championships." After e-mailing several times, the story has not been corrected.

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