Sunday, December 13, 2009

Norges Bilbransjeforbund (NBF) - 1 Story

1) Åpning av Worldskills i Calgary 1. september (Håvard Arne Mathisen) 2 September 2009
In this story about the World Skills competition Canada hosted in the province of Alberta, the Norwegian writer states: "Canadas statsminister Stephen Harper, undervisningsministeren, guvernøren i delstaten Alberta, ordføreren i Calgary og representanter for WorldSkills Calgary og WorldSkills International hilste deltakerne og det store publikummet som fulgte det utendørs åpningsshowet fra "Grand stand". State Governor?? State?? This is not correct. How can Alberta have a "state governor" and be a state when there are no states, and no "state governors" in Canada. The only countries in North America that have states and state governors are Mexico and the USA. This story is an excellent example of how many Norwegian writers just guess or assume Canada is the same as the USA. Canada has been using provinces for 346 years since 1663, and the political leader of a Canadian province is a Premier, not a governor.

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