Friday, June 26, 2009

Agderposten - 2 Stories

1) Vegvesenet får alkolås i alle tjenestebiler (By NTB) 26 September 2006
In this story written by NTB and posted by Agderpsoten it states: "I dag brukes alkolås i privatbiler i Sverige og i delstater i USA og Canada. I Sverige..." There are no states in Canada. To be correct regarding Canada, the sentence should say: "...delstater i USA og provinsene i Canada." Canada has never had states and has been using provinces since 1663, some 113 years before the first USA state ever appeared in North America. Why would an NTB journalist write we have states in Canada when we have been using provinces since 1663? Why would NTB use a Mexican, Australian, American term in reference to Canadian provinces? NTB has been informed of this mistake several times by Norwegian Media Watch, yet these mistakes still continue to happen in NTB stories. If NTB and Agderposten can correctly identify the provinces in China, Afghanistan, Sri-Lanka, and France as "provinces" in their stories about these countries, why can they not correctly identify provinces in Canada?
2) Roger D. Kornberg fikk nobelprisen i kjemi (By NTB) 4 October 2006
In this story by NTB Canada is added into this USA story. This story about two Americans and their Nobel prize from Sweden has nothing to do with Canada, but Canada is added in by NTB for some strange reason. Does NTB's classification system think Canada and the USA is one big country? Norwegian Media Watch has not come across any other international media classification system in the world that includes Canada in with USA stories or the USA in with Canadian stories. NTB seems to be unique to this classification. Considering Canada is being added into thousands of NTB news stories about the USA, it is no wonder Norwegians may think a lot of what is going on in the USA is actually happening in Canada as well. The truth of course, that it is not, just confusing on the part of NTB. NMW has asked NTB to create a more accurate, and clear classification system, but this has not happened.

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