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Vi over 60 - 2 Stories

Canada - på engelsk og fransk (Posted by viover60 taken from Nordmann-Reiser AS)
28 January 2008
In this travel story about Canada posted by (Vi over 60 taken from Nordmann-Reiser) the story states: "...franske byene Montreal og Quebec City" These two Canadian cities are both French speaking, but they are Canadian cities. The story should say "kanadiske byene Montreal og Quebec City" and "Vi besøker også nasjonalparken Algonquin." "Algonquin Provincial Park is a provincial park in Canada, not a national park as is written. Meaning it is controlled, maintained by the Ontario provincial government Ministry located in Toronto, and not by Canada's national government in Ottawa. The Ontario Parks system (administered by the Provincial Ministry of Natural Resources) covers over 78,000 square kilometres in the province of Ontario, about 10 percent of the Ontario Parks system is often used as the model for other parks systems in North America. This can be attributed to its delicate balance of recreation, preservation, and conservation. Many parks in Ontario also offer a Natural Heritage Education program. Ontario Parks' mandate is to ensure that significant natural, cultural, and recreational environments are protected and that these areas allow and encourage recreational activities for visitors." "Etter to fine dager her reiser vi sørover til Montreal og hygger oss i denne franske metropolen som er verdens nest største fransktalende by." This should be written: "... Montreal og hygger oss i denne kanadiske metropolen som er verdens nest største fransktalende by." After five e-mails to Vi over 60, a single reply has not been received.
2) Trender - Nytt galleri for fashionistaer (Kjersti Staarvik) 16 April 2008
Although there is nothing "technically" wrong with this story, it is another example of how Canada, mention of Canada, or being Canadian is often left out in Norwegian stories. All that is mention is that this new gallery is open at the Royal Ontario Museum, and being in Toronto. Most Norwegian readers will not know of the Royal Ontario Museum or where Toronto is located. To better serve the Norwegian readers, mentioning Canada, or in Canada would be beneficial. This would be like a Canadian journalist writing about a new museum opening in Oslo or Bergen, with no reference to the country, as most Canadians would not know to what country the Canadian story is making reference. Could it be that many Norwegian journalists don't add Canada into their stories because they assume since they know their story takes place in Canada, Norwegian readers should know as well? After sending two e-mails to have the story updated to include a reference to Canada, a reply was never received.

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