Friday, June 26, 2009

Sandefjords Blad - 2 Stories

1) Jaktet på mandelen (By Asle Rowe) 20 November 2007
There is nothing "technically" wrong with story, but it is an example of how Norwegians can perceive Canada as "America". In this story the journalist writes: "Taffelmusikk – Vi spiller runddansmusikk fra Vestfold, men også musikk fra Nova Scotia, forteller Svein Aakerholt, og forklarer hvorfor musikk fra Amerika kan knyttes til Vestfold." The Canadian province of Nova Scotia is not in located in America, it is located on the east coast of the country of Canada. This is a quote, and not written by the Norwegian journalist, but is an excellent example of the different way Canadians and Norwegian sometimes perceive the world. To Canadians, this Canadian music from the Canadian province does not come from America, it comes from Canada. But, in reality when Norwegians use the word America, 99% of the time it specifically means and relates to the USA, not to the continent. The journalist later states in an e-mail: "Svein Aakerholt never uttered the word "Amerika," only Nova Scotia..." The point here is why be vague? Is it so hard to write Canada? Knowing that most Norwegians will think USA when hearing "Amerika", why not be more specific for the Norwegian readers and mention the country this Nova Scotian music comes from - Canada. Why is Canada less likely to be mentioned specifically by name when talking about its own culture? It would be like a Canadian journalist writing about music from Hardanger and Sweden. Most Canadian readers would not know where Hardanger is, but writing "Hardanger, Norway" or just "Norway" almost immediately puts the story into perspective for the Canadian reader. Why not have more a reader-centred approach? And why not Canada some credit where credit is due?
2) Lager digitale kart for Choice (By Peer Møller) 25 July 2006
In this story the Norwegian journalist writes: "ligger til vurdering både i Niagara Falls og i San Diego." Which Niagara Falls and which country is he referring to? Is it Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada; or is it Niagara Falls, New York, USA? The story is not clear at all. Considering most Norwegians do not realise Niagara Falls is in Ontario, Canada, most will think the USA. In asking the Norwegian journalist which country he is referring to he states: "IMAP Norge AS ( have a map-project in Niagara Falls, Canada." The question here is why be so vague?

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