Friday, June 26, 2009

Explorius Norway

1) Canada - English ou Francais ?
On this website the company makes many positive comments about Canada, many are very flattering, but there are some very odd comments and some details that are not correct about Canada, Canadians, and Canadian culture. For example, they write: "Velkommen til verdens største land, i omkrets. Canada er en mix av USA og Europa." A mix of USA and Europe?? That would be like a Canadian journalist writing Norway is a mix between Germany and Europe. Canada has been on the map since 1534, and settlement started in 1608, and is not part of the USA. What does the USA have to do with Canada? What is American about Canada? The American cars some Canadians drive? The American sports some Canadians watch? Some of the American shops Canada has? Well, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden all have these same American shops and TV, and entertainment, so is it it safe to say Norway is a mix of German and American? There are probably more 7-11s in Oslo than most major Canadian cities. They also write: "Canadas røtter kommer fra både Frankrike og Storbritannia... Velg mellom å utvekslingsprogram i det unikt franske Canada (som er mer fransk enn Frankrike) eller i den engelsktalende delen. This is not correct, the French speaking parts of Canada are more Canadian than they are from France. French speaking Canadians are more Canadian in their habits and manners than people from France. They began settlement of Canada in 1608, so after 400 years it is safe to say they are now more Canadian than French from France. In addition they write: "Alle skoler tilbyr forskjellige idretter, klubber og aktiviteter etter skolen. Ishockey, fotball og amerikansk fotball er populære idretter. Lærerne er vanligvis veldig vennlige og engasjerte. De oppmuntrer studentene til å være aktive i timene og tenke kreativt i stedet for å bare memorere skolematerialet. Det er også vanlig at lærere er sammen med elevene etter skoletid og leder aktiviteter i skolens regi." Canada's number one football league is playing Canadian football, not American football. Canadian football which is a separate game, invented in Canada, and played just in Canada. Sports in Canada like the game of hockey and the NHL are Canadian invented and Canadian founded. Canadian football is a Canadian invented game, and does not come from American football. In fact, American football has much of its origins from Canadian football. What about listing Canadian values in this description? After 400 years of settlement in Canada it is safe to say there are some Canadian values worth mentioning instead of saying Canada is a mix of USA and Europe. After 100 years of independence from Sweden, Norway must have some values that aren't Swedish? This website is another example of how so many Norwegians just assume or guess they know Canada, Canadians, and Canadians culture by comparing it to the USA or Americans. This would be like a Canadian journalist not being able to write a story about Norwegians without having to constantly compare them to Germans or Swedes.

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