Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vi Menn - 1 Story

1) Med kano og fiskestang i Canadas villmark (By Peter Christensen) June 2008
In this story the Norwegian writer states: "Canadas to nordlige provinser, Nunavut og Northern Territories –arealet er omkring åtte ganger større enn Norge" and " i hjertet av Northern Territories i Canada." Also, "Canadas Northern Territories er blant verdens største villmarker." This is a mistake. The Canadian territory of Nunavut and the "Northwest Territories" are territories in Canada, not provinces as Peter has written. They do not have provincial status in Canada. Canada is divided politically by 10 provinces and three territories. Territories are below provinces in political status and power. The Northern Territory is a federal territory of Australia, not in Canada. The Norwegian word for territory is: territorium. Also, the Northwest Territories correct name is Northwest Territories (N.W.T.). After contacting the writer, the story was promptly corrected.

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