Friday, June 26, 2009

Fri Flyt AS - 2 Stories

1) Bortskjemt førjulsgris (Endre Løvaas )
In this story the author writes: "Det er desember 2006, og rapportene om en historisk forsesong i delstaten British Columbia har for lengst nådd Fri Flyt-kontoret." British Columbia is a province located on the west coast of Canada, it is not a state as the writer states. Canada does not have and has never had states. Canada has been using the French system of provinces for 344 years since Canada became a Royal Province of France in 1663.
2) Syv døde av skred (By Christian Nerdrum) 30 December 2008
In this story the journalist writes: "Et kraftig snøskred har tatt syv liv i British Colombia, Canada." The province of British Columbia is spelt "British Columbia", not "British Colombia". Colombia is a country in South America.

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