Friday, June 26, 2009

Sogn Avis - 1 Story

1) Lovprises etter avskjeden (Stian Grythaugen ANB) 18 August 2008
In this story the Norwegian journalist writes "Even Pellerud legger nå bak seg ni år som amerikansk landslagstrener." This is a mistake. Pellerud is the coach for the Canadian national women's team, not the American national team. Canada is the country neighbouring the USA, not part of it. Pellerud worked in the country of Canada, not in the USA. How can he possibly be the USA national for the last nine years? This would be like writing a Canadian coach training the Norwegian national team, and a Canadian journalist writing in Canadian newspapers he was the coach for the German or Swedish national teams. Are Norwegians Swedes or Germans? This is an excellent example of how at times, some Norwegians, when they think of the continent of North America, must think the USA is the only country on it. It seems often Canada is not given credit when credit is do, and often confused with the USA, even when the stories are about just about Canada, as in this story. The story was later corrected by ANB on September 2nd, after contacting Sogn Avis, (who did not write the story); they picked it up from ANB who made the mistake. It seems amazing that Norway, a country that doesn't like to be referred to as part of Sweden or Germany, or Norwegians to be called Swedes or Germans, so often applies to Canada and Canadians, the same mistakes they receive about being Swedish or German, or some part of Sweden or Germany.

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