Sunday, June 28, 2009 - 3 Stories

1) Oljesand for 12 milliarder (Alf Inge Molde) 27 April 2007
In this story regarding the Canadian oil company "North American Oil Sands Corporation" the Norwegian journalist incorrectly writes the name of the company as "North American Sands Corporation." Amazing that a $2.3 billion Canadian currency deal that the name of the company purchased is not correct.
2) En hvit, kald løgn (Silje Svennevig) 10 August 2007
In this story, the journalist writes about Canadian film director James Cameron as: "...den amerikanske." This is not correct. James Cameron nationality is Canadian. He is from Chippawa, Ontario, Canada. He lives and works in the USA, but this doesn't make him an American.
3) StatoilHydro gjør New Foundland-funn (Henrik Salthe) 8 April 2009

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