Friday, June 26, 2009

Oppland Arbeiderblad - 2 Stories

1) Kanadisk olympier drept i bilulykke (BY ANB) 10 September 2006
In this story (provided by ANB) the journalist writes about the "state" of Ontario in Canada. That is wrong. Canada is divided internally by provinces and not states. We do not have states, and have never had states in Canada. Ontario is a province in Canada, not a state, and provinces have been used in Canada since Canada was proclaimed a Royal Province of France in 1663. Other countries in the world like France, China, Afghanistan, Spain, etc., have provinces as well. Provinces differ in how they function politically and legally. In addition, in Canada the political leader of a province is called a Premier - for example, the Province of Ontario in Canada is politically controlled by a Premier within the Canadian Federation. It is obvious from this story (provided by ANB) that the journalist does not know Canada is divided by provinces, otherwise the story would have use the correct Canadian term "province" instead of using the American term of state, the Norwegian press does with other countries. There are dozens of stories on Norwegian Media Watch website that show many Norwegian journalists don't know Canada's political terms, and don't bother to check the facts before they print their stories. In addition, the Associated Press story ANB has taken this story from does not use the word "state" for Ontario, the ANB journalist decided to add in this American term that is not correct for Canada. After e-mailing the newspaper the mistake was corrected, yet a reply was never received from ANB and the newspaper.
2) Where the Truth Lies (Author unknown) 21 September 2006
In this listing it states: "Amerikansk thriller med Kevin Bacon, Alison Lohman og Colin Firth." The movie is directed by Canadian Atom Egoyan and is a Canadian movie. The movie may be based about American culture and a period in the USA, but the movie is Canadian. In addition to the Colin Firth being British, there are several Canadian actors and actresses in the film. This is the only Norwegian listing that states it is American, all the others credit it as a Canadian film.

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