Saturday, June 27, 2009 - 1 Story

1) Statoil kjøper i Canada (by Åse Thirud) 27 April 2007
In this story about Statoil buying the Canadian oil company North American Oilsands Corporation she writes: "...nordøst for byen Edmonton i delstaten Alberta." State?? wrong country. Alberta is a province in Canada, not a state. This journalist either used a source on this story that states Alberta is a states or just assumed Canada uses states and didn't bother to check the facts before the story was printed. Canada does not have states and has never had states. The system of provinces has been used in Canada for over 345 years, since 1663, when Canada became a Royal Province of France. Canada now has 10 provinces and three territories. It seems this story is another excellent example of how Canada's provinces are often referred to as "states" because many Norwegian journalists are ignorant of Canada's internal political divisions. Yet, Norwegian stories relating to provinces in China, Afghanistan, Sri-Lanka, etc., never seem to been referred to as states.

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