Friday, June 26, 2009 - 2 Stories

1) Dra på glamping! (By Karoline Brubæk) 2 April 2007
In this story the Norwegian journalist writes: "Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts, British Columbia, Canada er et superluksuriøst alternativ på det amerikanske kontinentet." The Province of British Columbia is located in western Canada on the continent of North America, not the "American" continent as this journalist writes. The Americans don't own the continent, and on this side of the Atlantic there are two continents, North America and South America. To be correct, this journalist should write "...det Nord-Amerikanske kontinentet." The journalist was informed of this mistake, but a reply was never received.
2) Fettet stresser deg (Cecilie Holtan) 26 April 2007
In this story the Norwegian journalist writes "Forskere fra University of Calgary i USA." First, the study mentioned in this story is a Canadian study, and second, Calgary is a city of 1 million people located in Canada, not in the USA as the journalist states. Calgary is the 1988 Olympic host city and one of the largest cities in western Canada. How did it get located in the USA in this story? Was it a guess or just an assumption? That would be like writing Oslo is in Sweden or Germany. None of the international media stories relating to this study state "Calgary in the USA" or that it is an American study, so why did this change the facts to make it look American? This is an all to common problem in the Norwegian media due to guessing and assumption, and not verifying FACTS before they are printed.

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