Friday, June 26, 2009

Varden - 2 Stories

1) Canada - Ski-kick i Canada (By Arild Eidset) 15 January 2000
In this story the Norwegian journalist writes the Canadian national park Banff is located in "delstaten Alberta." This is a mistake. Alberta is a province in Canada, and joined Canada in 1905. Canada does not have states, but divided internally by 10 provinces and 3 territories. The Norwegian word for province is "provins". Canada has been using the system of provinces since 1663, when Canada became a Royal province of France.
2) Sykler Nordkapp-Lindesnes om Odd holder plassen (Nils-Tore Høgberg Olsen)
8 November 2007
In this story the Norwegian journalist writes: "...som for tiden bor i British Colombia i Canada." The province of British Columbia in Canada is spelt "Columbia", not "Colombia". After notifying the journalist he promptly corrected the story. Spelling errors for the province of British Columbia happens quite often in many Norwegian stories.

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