Friday, June 26, 2009

Sunnhordland - 3 Stories

1) Bush maner til samhold (BY NTB) 11 September 2006
In this story published on Hallingdolen, picked up from NTB, the first paragraph states: "USA og Canada Washington (NTB-AFP-Reuters): USAs president George W. Bush maner amerikanerne til å stå samlet i krigen mot terrorismen." This story has nothing to do with Canada, yet Canada is included in the location. Why? Why would Canada be included in a USA story that has nothing to do with Canada? The original AFP, Reuters story did not include Canada, so why is Canada part of a USA story?
2) Roger D. Kornberg fikk nobelprisen i kjemi (By NTB) 4 Ocrtober 2006
In this story by NTB Canada is added into the story. This story about two Americans and their Nobel prize from Sweden has nothing to do with Canada. Canada is added in by NTB for some strange reason. The original AFP and Reuters does not include Canada in it.
3)  Makta rår og pengane fløymer (By Morven Muilwijk) 1 June 2010
In this story it states: "Tala får de ta med ei klype salt, men Noreg er involvert i den miljøskadelege oljeutvinninga i delstaten Alberta i Canada" State? How can Alberta be a state when there are not states in Canada? Alberta has been a province in Canada since 1905. Several attaempts to correct the story with Sunnhordland have gone with no reply or correction to the mistake.

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