Friday, June 26, 2009

Jærbladet - 2 Stories

1) Stort hus og endå større hjarta (By Inger Gjesdal) 1 July 2005
In this story the Norwegian journalist writes about the 100th anniversary of the "state" of Alberta in Canada. She writes: "...det er 100 år sidan den store utvandringa frå Varhaug til Alberta. Faktisk feirar også staten Alberta sitt hundreårsjubileum i desse dagar." Alberta is a province in Canada, not a state. In Canada, there are no states, there are ten provinces and three territories. Why has this journalist used an American term to describe sates in Canada? The internal divisions in Canada are provinces and this French system has been used in Canada for 344 years, since 1663 when Canada became a Royal Province of France. Canada, France, Afghanistan, China, etc. have provinces, Mexico and the USA are the only two countries in North America that have states. Why do so many in the Norwegian press are American terms so often used to describe Canadian political divisions? An e-mail was sent to this journalist to inform her of the mistake, but a correction was never made, nor a response received.
2) På turné i USA (By Ellen Maria Skjelsbæk) 26 May 2008
In this story the Norwegian journalist writes: "Turnéen starter i Vancouver i Canada," and "rundt 100 konserter i USA." Further she writes: "Turnéen starter i Vancouver i Canada." Does she think Canada is located in the USA? Canada is an independent country sharing North America with Mexico and the USA. Canada is not located in the USA as the title suggests. They are touring Canada as well as the USA, and to be correct about the story, it should say På turné i Nord-Amerika. If a Canadian journalist was writing about a Canadian band performing concerts in Oslo or Bergen as well as Sweden or Germany, should the Canadian journalist write the Canadian band is to "Tour Sweden" or "Tour Germany", when the concerts start in Norway? After e-mailing the journalist, a reply was not received, but a correction to the story was made.

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