Saturday, June 27, 2009 - 4 Stories

1) Selger Pan Fish av etiske grunner (By 6 June 2006
In this story the Norwegian journalist writes about the Province of British Columbia on the west coast of Canada as "delstaten British Columbia" (the state of British Columbia). This is a mistake. The geographic and political divisions internally in Canada are called provinces and have been called provinces in Canada since 1663 when Canada became a Royal Province of France. In Canada we have used the French term and system of provinces since then. Canada, like France, China, Italy, Afghanistan, and many other countries in the world has provinces. There have never been states in Canada and this of course is an American term Norwegians just blindly apply to Canada's provinces. But since Canada is not in the USA, why would the journalist would use American political terms to describe a province in Canada? What is strange in the Norwegian media is Norwegian journalists never seem to refer to the provinces in China, France, Afghanistan (and other countries with provinces) as states. This Norwegian habit seems to happen most often with Canada for some reason. For some very strange reason some journalists must think we have states in Canada? There are only two countries in North America with states Mexico and the USA, in Canada there are none. After sending an e-mail to correct the journalist he promptly apologised and corrected the mistake.
2) Gode USA-restauranter droppet oppdrettslaks (Ketil Falch) 19 July 2005
In this story the Norwegian journalist writes about the Province of New Brunswick / Nouveau-Brunswick in eastern Canada. The journalist writes: "delstaten New Brunswick", but New Brunswick / Nouveau Brunswick in Canada is not a state, it is a province. This journalist has taken an American term and either guessed or assumed it's the same in Canada. In Canada there are ten provinces, and 3 territories, but no states. The USA has states, Canada does not. The system of provinces has been in place in Canada for 344 years, since 1663, when Canada was proclaimed a Royal Province of France. Canada, like France, China, Afghanistan, and other countries has provinces. Why would a Norwegian journalist apply a USA term to Canada, when Canada does not have states?
3) Stor lakselus-oppmerksomhet i USA (By Pål Mugaas Jensen) 5 April 2005
4) Grieg sikrer vekst-finansiering (By Kyst) 7 November 2007 this story Kyst writes about the Canadian province of "British Colombia". The province of British Columbia on Canada's west coast is spelt, "Columbia" not "Colombia" as Kyst has written. Colombia is a country in South America.

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