Friday, June 26, 2009

University of Stavanger (Universitetet i Stavanger) - 1 Story

1) Thompson Rivers University (By Karoline Høibo) 8 February 2007
In this description of the Canadian Thompson Rivers University the writer states: "TRU ligger i Kamloops, en søvnig liten by i delstaten British Columbia i Canada." British Columbia is a Canadian province, not a state. Canada does not have states and has been using the French system of provinces for 344 years since 1663. Mexico and the USA are the only two countries in North America with states, Canada is divided internally by 10 provinces and three territories. The British colony of British Columbia voted to join Canada in 1871, as a new Canadian province.
2) Foredrag av professor Victor Leung June 2009
In this story it states: "Professor Victor Leung frå University of British Colombia (Canada) er Fellow of IEEE (Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada), og Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, a voting member of ACM." The Canadian province of British Columbia is spelt "British Columbia," not "British Colombia" as stated twice in the story. Colombia is a country in South America.

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