Friday, June 26, 2009

Driva - 1 Story

1) Bykamp eller helse? (By Ole M Ansnes) 15 January 2007
In this story the journalist writes: "Jeg håper en av de to siste vinner – rett og slett fordi jeg synes at årets hit i denne sammenhengen ikke bør være en gammel slager skrevet av en amerikaner (Leonard Cohen)." This is a mistake, Leonard Cohen's nationality is Canadian, not American as the journalist writes. He's from Canada, not from the USA. Mr. Cohen is one of Canada's greatest English language cultural exports. After contacting the journalist the story has not been corrected. How can such major Canadian icons like Mr. Cohen, so often be confused as Americans, when they're nationality is Canadian? After receiving an e-mail stating a correction to the story would made; no correction has been made.

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