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Økonomisk Rapport - 4 Stories

1) Chevron med SOI-teknologi ( ) 6 June 2006
In this story the journalist writes: "Software Innovation Inc er et tidligere datterselskap av Software Innovation ASA og nå en samarbeidspartner. Selskapet ble etablert i 1997 og har avdelinger i Kitchner-Waterloo i Canada og Houston og Calgary i USA." The Canadian cities of Kitchener/Waterloo are in Canada, and so is the Canadian city of Calgary. The journalist correctly locates the Canadian cities of Kitchener/Waterloo in Canada, but for some reason incorrectly writes that the Canadian city of Calgary is in the located in the USA. In addition the Canadian city of Kitchener is spelt wrong in the Norwegian story. Why would a Norwegian journalist write Calgary is located in the USA, when it is in fact located in Canada? A guess? An assumption? That is like a Canadian journalist writing Oslo is located in Germany or Sweden. Three people at Økonomisk Rapport were informed of their mistake, but there has been no response from Økonomisk Rapport, nor any correction. Months later the story still has the mistake in it, with no attempt to correct it. Why not even the common courtesy of a reply? The Norsk Presseforbund states: Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press (Norsk Presseforbund) 4. Publication Rules, 4.13. Incorrect information must be corrected and, when called for, an apology given, as soon as possible.
2) Tjener på krigen (By Elisabeth Lund) 20 April 2006 & 6 September 2006
In this story about NAMMO the Norwegian journalist writes: "Selskapet selger allerede i dag dobbelt så mye til USA og Canada som til Norge. USA og Canada er nå det største markedet, med 27 prosent av all omsetning." This is not correct. Canada and the USA is not the largest market, Europe is the largest market. After contacting NAMMO in Norway, a reply was received from the company spokesperson stating: "I can confirm to you that Mrs Lund have made several wrong statements in her article "Tjener på krigen." In our last Annual Report 2005 we wrote that Sales by Geographical Areas was total MNOK 1641:
Norway: 14%
Sweden: 15%
Finland: 11%
Other Europe: 29% (Other Europe means EU including some of the new members)USA/Canada : 27% (For your info: USA 426.8 MNOK, Canada 9.8 MNOK)
Other: 4%
So as you can see: First of all "USA og Canada er det største markedet" is a wrong statement since the biggest market in 2005 was Europe. The Canadian part of the 27% is quite small. This can be read in the Notes. I have specified the amount for you above."
The Norwegian journalist writing Canada and the USA are the largest markets paints a picture that Canada as one of the largest markets for NAMMO. As you can see, the 9.8MNOK for Canada, it is less than Finland, Sweden, or Norway. The USA, not Canada is NAMMO's largest market as a single country, and as one can see from the annual report, Canada is even a smaller sales than Norway. How can Canada be one of NAMMO's largest markets when Canada's totals are just 9.8MNOK? Canada only represents 2% of the sales totals of Canada and the USA combined. In North America as a market the USA would be the largest client. Mexico is in North America, but for some reason their totals are not listed, but Mexico and Canada are definitely the smaller clients in North-America. Four e-mails about this story were sent to the journalist and only a single brief reply was received. The original story and repeat story have never been corrected. The Norsk Presseforbund states: Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press (Norsk Presseforbund)3. Journalistic Conduct and Relations with the Sources4.1. Make a point of fairness and thoughtfulness in contents and presentation. 4.13. Incorrect information must be corrected and, when called for, an apology given, as soon as possible. Does the Norwegian journalist not have a responsibility to report accurately about this story?
3) -Fiskebestanden vil kollapse (By redaksjonen) 3 November 2006
"Slutten er nær, den er innen vår levetid, sier Boris Worm ved Dalhousie University i Halifax. I 2002 fastslo en gruppe ved University of British Columbia at utryddelsen av torsk langs kysten av Newfoundland begynte å spre seg til andre Nordatlantiske arter."
4) Hexagon-datter får selge i hele Nord-Amerika (By redaksjonen) 31 October 2006
In this story it states: "Hexagon-datter Ragasco har fått endelig godkjenning fra Transport Canada for sine propanbeholdere i kompositt. Dette gir Ragasco adgang til å selge og distribuere sine 7,5 kilos beholdere i hele Nord-Amerika." This is not correct. The approvals received so far are according to Ragasco's website ("Approvals in North America: Dept of Transportation (USA) and Transport Canada") are for just the countries of Canada and USA. There is no approval for Mexico. How can the story state "hele Nord-Amerika" when Canada and the USA are not the whole of North America?

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