Friday, June 26, 2009 - Official travel guide to Norway

Official Travel Guide to Norway
"The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry has given Innovation Norway the responsibility for the development and maintenance of the official travel guide to Norway:" On the official travel guide website to Norway, they have Canada identified as part of the USA under the USA's flag! The American flag represents Americans, not the country of Canada or Canadians. The country of Canada is not part of the USA, and should not be listed under the USA's flag. An e-mail was sent to; a reply was never received, but the link to Canada with the USA's flag was removed. Unbelievable, considering the number of Canadians of Norwegian decent, some 400,000, that Canada can't even be listed as a separate country on Norway's tourism site, with the correct flag representing Canada, and Canadians. How insulting to Canadians, and Canada. This would be like the Canadian government's tourism website using a Swedish or German flag beside Norway's name to identify Norwegians wanting to visit Canada. Would Norwegians find that accepting? Welcoming? Why does it seem so often that Canadian is just dumped in with, or added as part of the USA in so many Norwegian stories? Is there so little respect for Canada and Canadians that Canada is listed under the name and flag of a foreign country? It's not acceptable for the Official Norwegian Tourist Website to welcome Canadians to Norway under the USA's flag. Would list the Americans under Canada's flag? No; so why does Canada get listed as part of the USA?

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