Friday, June 26, 2009

Herøynytt - 1 Story

1) Mange sløkte lyset laurdag kveld (Aleksander Pettersen) 29 March 2009
In this story the journalist writes "Fleire av verdas mest kjende landemerke vart mørklagt, blant anna Eifeltårnet og Notre Dame i Paris, Operaen i Sydney, verdas høgaste bygning Burj Dubai, CNN Tower i Toronto, det svenske Slottet og Kristus-statuen i Rio. I Noreg vart blant anna Operaen, Oslo rådhus, Oslo Plaza og Det Kongelige Slott i Oslo mørklagt." The CNN Tower in Toronto?? There is no tower in Toronto or in any other part of Canada called the "CNN Tower." First, CNN is not even from Toronto or Canada; CNN is a Cable News Network from the country south of Canada - the USA, and Toronto is in the country of Canada. Second, the CN tower in Canada is called the CN Tower, which means the Canadian National Tower / La Tour Canadian National. This is an excellent example of how even an iconic Canadian symbol like the CN Tower is either guessed or assumed to be USA's CNN, despite the fact Toronto and CNN are not even in Canada. How does the Canadian National Tower (built by Canada's Canadian National Railway), that held the record for 31 years until 2007, as the world tallest tower, get named after a foreign news organisation from the USA? This would like a Canadian journalist writing the the name of the Tryvann Tower in Norway is the Fernsehturm Dresden-Wachwitz (actually in Germany) or the Hörbymasten (actually in Sweden). This is another example of how many Norwegian journalists either guess or assume information about Canada is American.

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