Friday, June 26, 2009

Smaalenene Medier AS - 1 Story

1) Amerikanere stoppet med narkotika (By N/A) 15 February 2009
In this story, the writer states: "Amerikanere stoppet med narkotika," but then writes: "Tre personer fra henholdsvis Amerika og Canada ble stoppet på grensen i Ørje klokken fire søndag ettermiddag." This is not correct. Someone from Canada is a Canadian, not from the USA. Canadians come from Canada, and Americans from the USA. Calling a Canadian an American is like a Canadian journalist calling a Norwegian a German or a Swede. The story was corrected the next day. This story would be like a Canadian journalist writing about a Swede and a Norwegian caught smuggling drugs into Canada, by writing "Two Swedes Caught for Drug Smuggling." Do Norwegians automatically think Mexicans, Canadians, or Bolivians when they hear the world Americans?

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